Introducing Jel: the video game for work

“That’s Funny…”

The prototypical “VR Meeting App.” Credit:

The Jel Thesis

Say hello to Jel.

Jel’s Core Elements

The most photogenic avatars are often the most creepy to actually use. Credit: Mark Zuckerberg’s Company
When it comes to faces, simpler ones amplify through focus. Credit: Scott McCloud, “Understanding Comics”
Jel avatars are always super stoked to see you.
With continued use, you can often get the most mileage out of simple environments like this one.
The simple “sky + grass” vibe that seemed like the right target from the beginning.
A typical Jel world.
Even Minecraft, with its huge expansive world, has a force field to block you at its outermost edges.
A great overview on the challenges of creating a ‘spherical’ world in a game engine.
Finding objects on a torus world using light beacons is intuitive and easy.
Jel’s user interface, with the navigation tree on the left.
Basic collaborative text editing in Jel



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