The Rise of Avatarism

What is Avatarism?

Body modification enthusiasts are rare given the immense personal costs of permanently altering your physical form. Soon, taking on these kinds of forms will be less life-altering than changing clothes. (Credit: HuffPost)

How Avatarism will emerge

Phone AR avatars give us a glimpse of what is to come. (Credit: Road to VR)
Avatar chat apps can impose constraints or assumptions around what avatar choices we ought to make.
Apple’s rumored VR/AR hybrid headset may be more magical and disruptive than this sketch alludes to. (Credit: The Information)

Avatarism and liberalism

Left: how I wish to be seen. Right: how my colleague’s glasses lets him see me. Is he violating my rights? (Credit: gomezcasseres on deviantart)

Hopes and Conclusions



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